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        UAV Intelligent Inspection Platform for Photovoltaic Power Station
        Fit with a visible light camera, thermal infrared sensor or EL detection equipment, the UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) collects the visible light images , thermal infrared images or EL data of the photovoltaic modules , and realizes advanced efficiency and safety of the photovoltaic inspection by the intelligent UAV inspection .
        It can store the visible light images and thermal infrared images in real time, and exported to PC quickly. After processing intelligently on the thermal infrared images and visible light images which collected by the UAV, the UAV intelligent diagnosis soft ware realizes the automatic diagnosis and location of hot spots to the components failure detection, dust and dirt blocking, cracks and breakage of components and other faults, greatly improves the inspection efficiency and fault diagnosis accuracy of photovoltaic power station.

        Product advantages:

        √ The platform has a high inspection efficiency. It greatly diminishes the number of workers and time required within the inspection of photovoltaic power station, saves manpower operation and maintenance costs, which leads to a higher economic benefits.

        √ The intelligent UAV is flexible and freely in the air. Due to the photovoltaic power station often being built in typical geographic area, like as vast territory and undulating terrain, the platform helps saving time and labor .

        √ Automatic flight diagnosis. It analyzes historical data onto evaluating the photovoltaic power station, also effectively predicts he occurrence of power station faults.

        √ It effectively improves the frequency of power station inspection, as well as the inspection’s efficiency and accuracy of power station.

        √ It solves difficult problems of inspecting components which caused by different construction types of power station , and the possibility of danger that brought by manual inspection in the past.
        Product detail

        It is an UAV photovoltaic inspection solution. When a high-precision long-endurance UAV?mounted up a?Chansi XT thermal imaging aerial camera ,it quickly monitors?the damage to?solar panels?through the generation of thermal signals?, and examines the hot spot effect on a certain area of photovoltaic module or other issues from the high altitude. The UAV photovoltaic greatly reduces labor required by accessing the intelligent equipment. ?

        At the same time, the?control platform integrated with the?UAV inspection system and data analysis and processing system,?seamlessly?combines?the platform inspection function module,?handheld inspection and UAV inspection, realizing real-time transmission of UAV images and visual display on the control platform, and apply big data analysis to improve the efficiency of power station inspection and deficiency elimination.

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