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            Man-machine Coordinated Control Platform
            Man-machine coordinated control platform, unified control of grid resources management, on-line achievement monitoring, machine-working inspection results management, man-working inspection results management, equipment management, inventory management, etc., The whole inspection process of 3D visual and big data applications, systematically realizes the systemmalization, intelligentialize, visualization, and processize of transmission lines inspection control , achieves data connectivity from in&out, front&back of the inspection working industry, perfectly forming into a closed loop for transmission inspection work.

            √ Seamless integration of control platform and multiple systems.
            √ In the desktop there’s a 2D Large-screen to display core business data, statistical warning, real-time monitoring, thematic maps, etc.
            √ Realize human patrol and aircraft patrol monitoring, real-time image transmission and video live broadcasting by UAV.
            √ Unify management of inspection equipment, power grid resources, aircraft patrol results and human patrol results by 3D visual display.
            √ Big data management and scientific statistical for forewarning.
            √ Real-time interaction of inspection data to improve inspection defects elimination efficiency.
            Product detail

            UGRID transmission inspection solution is the first intelligent solution based on UAV and intelligent mobile terminal in China, which covers the whole process of intelligent data collection and analysis, big data three-dimensional visualization management, achievement application, elimination management and equipment life-cycle management in view of the transmission inspection work requirements. It provides a tailor-made intelligent inspection management system for the transmission management department and the grass-roots team, which can effectively solve the?long-standing?pain points of the serious shortage of labor, low inspection efficiency and insufficient equipment control level in the transmission management department .

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