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            Ugrid UAV Operating System(UOS)
            UGRID UAV operating system is a deeply customized UAV operating system based on DJI SDK for the characteristics of power cruise operation, which makes power grid inspection operation safe and reliable. The system can automatically complete detailed inspection, tree obstacle inspection, channel inspection, rapid mapping, disaster assessment, asset panorama and other field data collection work.

            √ Automatically completes detailed inspection of transmission, transformation and distribution lines (coordinated with RTK).

            √Tree obstacle inspection system, which is our pioneer patented technology, can automatically complete the 3D spatial data collection of towers, conductors and ground objects below the lines and cross objects in the line passage corridor.

            √ Channel inspection with unique coordinated turn function, which is more power saving in flight.

            √ Special inspection which supports night inspection temperature measurement task.

            √ There are 16 built-in flight safety checks, making the flight safer.

            √ For the obstacles to the operation area, altitude of entering the test area and flying at varying altitude is available.

            √ It is simple operation, intelligent flight, high efficiency and low inspection cost.
            Product detail

            he UAV intelligent operating system is developed based on DJI SDK and deeply customized for the characteristics of electric cruise operation. The system covers the detailed?inspection and channel inspection of the power grid. Through the intelligent control of the UAV, it can clearly and accurately find the potential dangers and defects in the surrounding environment and the local area of the power grid.

            The learning mode on the detailed?tower inspection module can record and store the flight path and shooting position of the UAV according to different tower types. The recorded flight information will be used as the basis of?the next flight?of?the automatic inspection mode, so as to realize the automatic and detailed?inspection of the UAV, reduce the requirements on the control quality of the UAV inspectors, greatly reduce the inspection cost, improve the efficiency of the tower inspection, and ensure the safety of the power grid inspection operation.

            In the inspection module of the passageway, the UAV can take video and photos along the passageway, so as to clearly record the environmental conditions within the scope of the passageway, and satisfy the inspection?personnel to inspect the potential dangers such as construction black spots, landslides, mountain fires and tree obstacle?in the passageway. In order to view the environment around the power grid in a wide range, the intelligent operating system can automatically plan the flight path, so that the UAV can automatically obtain the orthophoto data onto the planning range. Through the Rubik's Cube in the field, the orthophoto image can be obtained in time. In addition, the intelligent operating system can also automatically navigate the UAV to the ed tower to obtain 360 panoramic picture data, so that inspectors have a complete understanding of the surrounding environment of the tower. The intelligent operating system has distance area measurement tool, track recording tool, sketch tool and feature acquisition tool, which is convenient for inspection?personnel to make rapid and accurate analysis and judgment on the environment around the power grid.

            The UAV intelligent operating system is compatible with DJI's innovative Spirit 3 series, Spirit 4 series, M100, M600 and Lightbridge 2 with A2. With M600+RTK, it can learn?detailed inspection operation to ensure that the UAV will not be interfered by electromagnetic interference and conduct accurate patrol within a safe range, for realizing?the automation of fine inspection.

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