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            UAV Intelligent Nest
            The intelligent nest is a long-range accurate take-off and landing platform for the UAV, and a stable "home" for the UAV. It can resist severe weather such as strong wind and heavy rain. The interconnection between the nest and the intelligent inspection air-fleet operation control center enables automatic storage of the UAV, intelligent automatic charging, real-time monitoring of the status and automatic transmission of data.

            √ It’s strictly developed in accordance with the long-term field static equipment. The equipment is waterproof, moisture-proof, constant temperature, while reinforced structure has certain functions to anti-demolition, anti-movement and lightning protection.
            √ With UAV auxiliary landing platform to ensure safe landing of UAV through visual and RTK positioning.
            √ It has a safe and reliable contact charging system, its charging efficiency is equal to the original charger efficiency.
            √ Can be equipped with meteorological monitoring and analysis function, can quickly monitor the site temperature, rain and snow conditions, wind speed and direction and other meteorological information.
            √ Equipped with independent emergency power, even if there is a sudden power failure, it can also ensure the normal use of the nest, providing a safe landing of the UAV and the safety of the mission escort.
            √ Have the function of automatically charging the UAV and uploading data to the control center, and assist the control center to maintain the UAV and extract data.
            √ A build-in modular design is convenient for maintenance.
            Product detail

            Nest-U1300, is equipped?with?UAV-U880, composing an unmanned operation system platform . It is an integrated equipment developed for intelligent operation of UAV. It cooperates with UAV to complete unmanned?tasks, and provides complete logistics preparation and auxiliary tasks for UAV. Its stable and reliable?scenario application provides a powerful guarantee?for the unattended environment. The equipment can remotely transmit data and remotely?control?the UAV, can be real-time monitoring of UAV?status?and preparations before the task. The nest ?is the home of the UAV, the guardian of the UAV, always standby for UAV of each task.

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