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            Intelligent Inspection Air-fleet Operation Control Center
            The intelligent inspection air-fleet operation control center realizes the remote control of the UAV fleet, including the UAV deployed on the UAV nest and mobile inspection operation vehicle platform, as well as other kinds of UAV connected to the control center.
            √ Remote control of UAV inspection autonomously according to the planned route, accurate landing in different places and automatic charging.

            √ Remote view of UAV real-time image transmission, monitoring UAV real-time position information, pitch information, RTK and other information.

            √ Remote view of monitoring videos inside and outside the nest.

            √ View the information of the weather device deployed outside the nest remotely.

            √ Remote control the UAV in and out of the nest, switch lights, switch video monitoring, switch charging, etc.

            √ With UAV route management in three-dimensional visualization displayed, and has the function of flight simulation.

            √ Air route planning of airport nest exit station and air route planning of unmanned aerial vehicle inspection station.

            √ Control the data cloud to analyze data automatically and intelligently, automatically upload the results to the control platform, and processing data by the image defect intelligent recognition software.
            Product detail

            The "Station-Station" intelligent inspection system is mainly composed of intelligent UAV nest or mobile inspection operation vehicle?and its supporting vehicle-mounted intelligent components, U880 high-precision autonomous inspection UAV, intelligent inspection air-fleet operation control center, intelligent?inspection air-fleet?cloud control platform and transmission line intelligent inspection control platform, etc. It can realize autonomous long-distance high-precision flight inspection,?UAV off-site takeoff and landing, automatic charging, cloud supervision and intelligent data analysis and processing for any line segment under jurisdiction.

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