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            Transmission Panoramic Intelligent IoT Platform
            The prefectural and municipal transmission panoramic intelligent Internet of Things( IoT )platform integrates multi-source real-time data which is collected by UAV, intelligent sensor, online monitoring, intelligent equipment, robot, mobile application, etc., to realize systematic, intelligent, process-based, refined and panoramic visual control of transmission line inspection.

            √ 3D visual display and unified control of inspection equipment, power grid resources, aircraft patrol results and human patrol results.

            √ 3D monitoring, automatic diagnosis, remote active forewarning and intelligent linkage.

            √ Using three-level menu to display clear classification of business modules, which is easy to operate.

            √ The data center provides abundant data analysis applications, decision warning and other functions.

            √ The overview of equipment can realize the overall control of equipment state, active analysis of abnormality of equipment and quick disposal of equipment failure.

            √ Realize human inspection and aircraft inspection monitoring, UAV image transmission and video live broadcasting.
            Product detail

            The transmission panoramic intelligent IoT platform?can?realize?the systemmalization, intelligentialize, visualization, and processize of transmission lines?inspection control?, achieves data connectivity from in&out, front&back of?the inspection working industry, perfectly forming?into a closed loop for transmission inspection work.

            ?The system adopts micro-service architecture, separating front and rear ends, decoupling operation?modules into fine-grained micro-services, which?each one can be deployed in different containers or servers, and the services can communicate with each other remotely through RPC.

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