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            Unified Access Platform for Video Devices
            It supports GB GB28181 protocol to access video equipment from different manufacturers, to achieve ledger management for unified administration and operation.

            √ We can view the real-time statistics data onto all equipment, which also realizing shows all equipment conditions and real-time alarm information of the equipment in one page.

            √ The page has rich functions, that you can view real-time video for forewarning analysis.

            √ 360 PTZ is available, which can realize the functions of multiple preset positions, easily and quickly shoot from multiple angles by calling preset positions.

            √ It can program and shoot according to the preset trajectory, for collecting information, and conducting independent inspection.
            Product detail

            The unified access platform for video equipment can access equipment from different manufacturers, with strong compatibility and highly ive of equipment. While the device is connected, multiple preset positions can be preset for shooting, and the preset trajectory can be used for autonomous cruise. It can Integrate multiple video resources, realize ledger management, unified management and application in the platform.

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