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            Visual Pin-point Air-route Generation System
            Visual Pin-point Air-route Generation System

            UAV visual pin-point air-route generation system is used for UAV three-dimensional point cloud route planning. It can generate navigation points from different perspectives by puncturing points and automatically generate routes to achieve refined automatic inspection.

            √ It is compatible with laser point cloud and visible light point cloud.

            √ According to the current Angle of view and the safe distance, the navigation point will be generated immediately after the puncture point, to realize the air-route of any view angle.

            √ It is widely applicable, can be used for route planning in different scenarios such as at scenarios of transmission line towers , around towers of distribution network and substations, etc.

            √ It’s operation is easy , convenient and efficient to with , which has flexible application and rich functions in details.
            Product detail

            RTK UAV is used to collect high-precision point clouds, that helps the system quickly generate airline routes and provide 3D visual safety verification.

            The system can be applied to transmission?line, distribution line, substation UAV automatic inspection?and other industries.

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