Ilan Ramon
International Space Conference 


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The Israeli Space Agency will be hosting the 15th Ilan Ramon
International conference as part of 2020 Israeli space week events.  
The conference theme will be "2020-2030 : Predicting the next space decade".

08:00-08:30 Registration and coffee 

08:30-09:00 Opening Session I Ceremonial 

Greetings: Mr Ran Ber,  Director General of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Memorial Ceremony: Mr Tal Ramon

Greetings: Mr. Avi Blasberger, ISA Director

09:00-09:50 Morning Session  I Future space trends – a glance to 2030

Last decade we witnessed how space became more accessible. This trend included: lowering launch prices, proliferation of ride-share launches, easier access to the ISS and back, lowering satellite cost and increased number of startups, developments of new technologies such as quantum, navigation and space communications, new opportunities in Earth observation applications, reusable launch vehicles and many more. 

The 2020 seems to bring the debut of the LEO internet constellations and commercial space tourism, but also to continue the trend of declining launching price and satellite manufacturing. Some believe that 2020 will also bring back humanity to the moon or perhaps lead humanity to mars. Which trend will have the most impact humanity in the next decade? And what are the key factors that will determine which trend will impact the most?  


Chair: Dr Deganit Paikowsky, No-resident Scholar, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University, VP International Astronautical Federation   

Prof. Pascal Eherenfruend – DLR, Chairman and President of the International Astronautical Federation

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, ISA Chairman

Dr. Eugene Tu, Center Director, Ames Research Center, NASA

09:50-10:05 Networking Break   

10:05-11:05 Panel: Space Agencies roles in the new decade

The panel will discuss the role of governments and space agencies in the next decade, in light of the growing activity of the private sector. It will look into new challenges in the fields of legal regulations, sustainability of space and budgets, from the governmental and international organization's point of view.

Chair: Ms. Keren Shahar, Senior Deputy Legal Advisor, Israel Ministry of Foreign


ASI President, Mr. Giorgio Saccoccia

AEB President, Mr. Carlos Moura

CNES President, Dr. Jean Yves Le Gall

ISRO director SDSC-DASH, Mr. M. Rajarajan

UNOOSA ICG Scientific Affairs Officer, Ms. Sharafat Gadimova

11:05-12:00 Panel: Return to space exploration  

 What will be the next unmanned mission objectives? How will they look like? Will they be led by countries or private investors?

Opening: Prof. Jan Woerner, Director general, ESA. keynote

Chair: Prof. Oded Aharonson,  planetary scientist


Prof. Jan Woerner, Director general, ESA. keynote

Mr. Avi Blasberger, Israeli Space Agency Director

Mr. Charles Frank Bolden Jr, former NASA administrator

Lt. Gen. Larry D. James, Deputy Director. NASA JPL

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break 

13:00-13:03 Special Announcement – Dr. Nili Mandelblit, IIA

13:03-13:13 10 minutes on 10 years – a view on the past decade in spaceflight, Mr. Tal Inbar

13:13-14:15 Panel: Space Communication – How will it look like in 2030?

Will satellite replace fiberoptic? how will new entrants like OneWeb, Amazon, SpaceX etc. will affect the main 4-6 players in the market (how many players can the market sustain)? Will LEO constellations actually replace the GOE? How will ground stations change?

Opening: Mr. Claude Rousseau, Research Director, Northern Sky Research

Chair: Ms. Keren Gross, IMOD


Mr. Claude Rousseau, Research Director, Northern Sky Research

Mr. Bill Carlin, Global Sales Manager, Amazon Ground Station

Mr. Ohad Harlev, CEO, Lyteloop

Mr. Danny Spirtus, Satellite communication Senior consultant and entrepreneur

Mr. Doron Yosovich, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

14:15-15:15 Space Based Intelligence

Nowadays, more commercial space-based information gathering services emerge covering areas that up until recently were dominated by governments and militaries. What signifies those data providers? Who are the customers of this new kinds of data?

Opening: Mr. Noam Segal, Director General, ISI. the Future of earth observation

Keynote/Panelist 2: Mr. Massimo Camparini, The evolution of Information driven eospatial services in the big data era Massimo Comparini e-GEOS, CEO

Chair: Dr. Shimrit Maman, Ben Gurion University


Mr. Noam Segal, Director General, ISI 

Mr. Elly Perets, CEO, Utilis 

Mr. Massimo Camparin, EGEOS

Mr. Anikumar Dave, Italian Space Agency (ASI)

15:15-15:30 Networking Break

15:30-16:30 Panel: The future of small sats – will they get smaller? larger? 

Let’s revisit the small satellite paradigm of affordable space assets, some say they must come in 1-liter cubes (or multiples thereof), some say they have to be based on commercial electronics to be called New Space, others just build them to fit the right size. What are the trends and where those trends lead to? 

Chair: Ms. Inbal Kriess, Deputy General Manager of Space Division in Israel Aerospace Industries


Mr. Nicolas Chamussy, Space advisor, Airbus

Mr. Marco Villa, CEO, Tyvack 

Mr. Stephen Eisele, President & CEO, Virgin Orbit

Mr. Raz Itzhaki, Co-Founder and CEO, NSLcom

16:30–17:30 Space Entrepreneurs wanted – opportunities and unmet needs

We will try to point at the main needs of the space industry in the coming decade and map the main fields and opportunities for space entrepreneurs.

Chair: Mr. Ofer Lapid, Israel Space Agency

Ms. Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta, Chief Diversity Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)

Dr. Pete Worden, Chairman of The Breakthrough Prize Foundation

Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, European Space Agency (ESA)

Luca Polizzi, Attaché Research and Innovation, EU Delegationin Israel

17:30-18:15 Panel: Investor Panel

Chair: Dr. Orna Berry


Mr. Strom Boswick, Senior Managing Director, Brock Capital

Mr. Dov Moran, GroveVC

Mr. Gillon Beck, Senior Partner, FIMI Opportunity Funds

18:15 Conference Closes


Avi Blasberger

Israeli Space Agency Director
read more

Pascale Ehrenfreund

Chair of the DLR Executive Board
read more

Ran Ber

Director-General Ministry of Science and Technology
read more

Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel

Israel Space Agency Chairman
read more

Johann-Dietrich Wörner

Director General of the European Space Agency
read more

Nicolas Chamussy

Space advisor at Airbus
read more

Dr. Shimrit Maman

Research Associate and Laboratory Director Ben-Gurion University
read more

Jean-Yves Le Gall

President of CNES
read more

Noam Segal

Chief Executive Officer, ImageSat International
read more

Dr. Dganit Paikowsky

read more

Dan Hart

President & CEO at Virgin Orbit
read more

Prof. Oded Aharonson

read more

Ofer Lapid

Conference Coordinator
read more

Raz Itzhaki

Co-Founder and CEO, NSLcom

Dov Moran

Entrepreneur, inventor, and investor
read more

Inbal Kriess

Deputy General Manager of Space Division in Israel Aerospace Industries
read more

Frank Maximilian Salzgeber

Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, ESA
read more

Simon Peter “Pete” Worden

Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation, Executive Director, Breakthrough StarShot

Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta

Chief Diversity Officer, European Space Agency
read more

Storm Boswick

Senior Managing Director, Brock Capital
read more

Claude Rousseau

NSR Research Director
read more

Keren Shahar

Senior Deputy Legal Advisor Foreign Ministry
read more

Sharafat Gadimova

Executive Secretariat of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems
read more

Elly Perets

Utilis CEO
read more

A. Rajarajan

Director Satish Dhawan Space Centre, ISRO
read more

Giorgio Saccoccia

President of Italian Space Agency
read more

Marco Villa

CEO, Tyvak
read more

Gillon Beck

Senior Partner - FIMI Opportunity Funds
read more

Dr. Eugene Tu

Center Director, NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley
read more

Dr. Orna Berry

read more

Carlos Moura

President of the Brazilian Space Agency
read more

Ohad Harlev

CEO of LyteLoop
read more

Massimo Camparini

CEO e-geos
read more

Larry D. James

Deputy Director, NASA JPL
read more


Major General U.S. Marines Corp (retired) 12th NASA Administrator
read more

Bill Carlin

Global Sales Manager, Amazon Ground Station
read more

Anilkumar Dave

Head of Innovation and Transfer of Technologies ASI - Italian Space Agency
read more

Stephen Eisele

Vice President, Business Development VIRGIN ORBIT
read more

Dr. Nili Mandelblit

Director at Israel Innovation Authority - ISERD
read more

Luca Polizzi

International Relations Officer Attaché Research and Innovation Section Delegation of the European Union to Israel
read more

Mr. Danny Spirtus

Satellite communication Senior consultant and entrepreneur
read more

Yael Lavie

Journalist and Public Speaker
read more

Tal Inbar

read more
Speaker list is updated every few days

Ilan ramon

Ilan Ramon (1954 – 2003) was a fighter pilot in the Israel Air Force and became the first Israeli astronaut, when he joined the space mission on board the Columbia Space Shuttle.

He perished, together with the  entire crew on the shuttle, which was destroyed in a crash upon reentering the atmosphere, on February 1, 2003. 

The conference

The Ilan Ramon International conference is the main space conference in Israel.

Since 2005 the conference attracts key players of the international space industry, who wants to connect and meet the Israeli space eco-system.

With presence of Heads of Space Agencies leading space industries Entrepreneurs Investors and customers we will be aiming to hear thought leaders talk about unmet needs and ideas still waiting to be explored.



Other space
industry events

More details will be published in the next weeks

Industry Tours

Israeli space companies invite our guests to tour
their facilities

Tours will be on 29/1

Investor conference

Come & Meet the most promising Israeli startups

For investors only - More info will be available in weeks to come

B2B meeting Room

The Israeli Space Agency will operate a B2B room during the conference

More info will be available in weeks to come
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