Avi Blasberger

Avi Blasberger is the Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) – Ministry of Science and Technology since may 2016.

Avi Blasberger holds B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering from Ben Gurion University and. EMBA (Executive Management Business Administration) from tel Aviv University.

Avi served at ELOP/ELBIT in various positions, most of them were space related, among them VP of Imagery Intelligence Division which was responsible for all airborne and spaceborne electro-optical observation systems in ELBIT. Avi acted as VP at Elbit Systems Electro-Optics until 2014. During this period Avi served as a Member of the Advisory Board of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) and a Member of the Advisory Board for the HLS committee of The Israel Export Institute.

In a later phase, Avi had consulted to Samuel Neaman Institute for national research policy & served as the secretary of the space Committee of the National Council for R & D. During that period Avi studied for PhD. in Astrophysics in the Technion.

Avi Blasberger

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