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Israeli Space Tours:

On Wednesday 29/1 morning, 5 leading Israeli space companies will open their facilities to international guests of the Ilan Ramon conference

All tours will leave the David-international hotel at Wednesday morning, 9am, and return to the hotel at the end of the tour. During the tour you will visit the company's facilities and meet their management. 

In order to register for a tour, please contact the contacts below. The registration and tours are the full responsibility of the companies.

ISI (ImageSat International NV)

ISI is a world leader in Space based intelligence solutions, providing Geospatial Intelligence solutions and services based on the EROS NG™ earth observation satellite constellation, to defense and intelligence organizations across five continents. For more than two decades, ISI is successfully providing Geospatial intelligence and space-based intelligence turn-key programs and services for its customers combining satellite imagery services from space with integrated ground command stations and advanced AI based Geospatial intelligence analytical systems.

ISI is developing its own revolutionary High Revisit – High Resolution satellite constellation based on a family of highly capable earth observation satellites, designed to meet the demanding operational requirements of ISI's existing customer base as well as other leading defense and intelligence organizations. The tour will last about 2 hours.

Contact information: Einav Yogev, +972-50-9607091,

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI):

Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) is Israel's largest Defense and Aerospace company. It provides Cutting-edge technologies and solutions for Space, Air, Land, Sea and Cyber. IAI develops and manufactures advanced systems for the Israel Defense Forces and foreign customers worldwide, actives in both defense market and commercial market. In space – IAI is the Israeli Space House and the Beresheet's home. offering , offering a One-Stop-Shop for satellites, ground systems, and mission centers. IAI satellites portfolio includes: observation satellites (optical and SAR); scientific/research satellites and Lunar lander/Beresheet; communication satellites and a full range of space sub-systems – all with amazing capabilities and useful contribution for their users.

Contact information: +972-52-3010266,‏

ELBIT Electro Optics

Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop (Elop) is a globally recognized multidisciplinary electro-optics systems house – incorporating a full range of technology and facilities under one roof. Elop has been engaged in the development, production and qualification of advanced Electro-Optic high-resolution earth observation systems for a variety of space applications for governmental, commercial and scientific customers since the mid1980s. Elop serves as the Israel Government’s Center of Excellence for ElectroOptics in Space Applications. It has direct control over critical technologies, such as detectors, light weight mirrors, structures, environmental space testing, including specialized engineering disciplines. The 2-hour tour will include: Presentation of Elbit Systems, ISTAR and Space Activities and visit at the Space Infrastructure facilities.

Contact information: Moshe Levi, +972-54-4244999,


NSLComm is a turnkey small satellite broadband communication company. NSLComm is revolutionizing satellite communications with a fabric-like, expandable antenna with a KA band Modem that can boost performance by an order of magnitude (over 1 Gigabit/sec from cubesat. NSL’s system opens a wide array of new applications such as rural connectivity, backhauling, mining, maritime and IoT. The tour will last about 45 minutes and will be divided as follows: 20-minute tour of the offices and showcase our hardware and then a 20-minute session in the conference room over presentation

Contact information: Hanna Adler, +927-54-6789797,


SpacePharma leverage the miniaturized microgravity lab technology, enabling unprecedented possibilities to develop new drugs in Space. All this at a fraction of the cost, with higher success rates than experiments conducted with traditional research methods. We are aiming to bring a positive impact on millions of lives here on Earth. SpacePharma can plan, develop and execute in Space any research idea assisted by multidisciplinary experienced team. The tour will last about 2 hours and will be divided as follow: 1-hour presentation and 1-hour Q&A session.

Contact information: Lihi Efremushkin,

Industry Tours

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