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Substation Intelligent Operation and Inspection Control Platform
It is professionally applied to intelligent inspection of substation, realizes unified management and resource sharing of substation resources, inspection results and other data, and integrates the control platform with the mobile operation terminal of substation.

√ Electronic management of substation resources, convenient inspection and registration;

√ Defect data real-time sharing to improve inspection and defect elimination efficiency;

√ Even the task has not completed, the patrol can be continued at any time.

√ The patrol trajectory in evidence to realize the real-time monitoring of the platform patrol;
Product detail

Substation intelligent operation and inspection control platform, is professional applied?to?substation intelligent inspection, to realize unified management?of grid resources, transport management, achievement management and other data . Resource sharing?greatly improves?the processing efficiency?of eliminating defects. Massive inspection data form into large data, implement a large number of statistical analyses?and early warning. The whole process of operation and inspection?on the platform realize?3D visualization and accurate?real-time monitoring, It is an efficient, safe, practical and intelligent whole processing?control solution.

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