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Ugrid Drone Manager(UDM)
Ugrid Drone Manager(UDM) is a deeply customized UAV management system for power inspection units, which makes UAV equipment management efficient and convenient.

√ To realize electronic coding by combining with cod scanner;
√ Standardize, refine and grid management to the UAV and its supporting battery, for extending its service life.
√ Scientifically record the incoming and outgoing storage of UAV equipment, and encode the reservation process.
√ Establish the UAV using procession and management system to support the whole life cycle management of UAV equipment and batteries.
Product detail

  • Instructions

Management contents

UAVs and battery equipment appointment management, storage management, storage management, inventory management.

UAV fault management, battery management, UAV management.

Line tower management, department management, user management.

√ Management of Patrol missions?records, training using?records?and battery using?history records.

√?Information management of Mission flight record and management of flight path playback.

√?UAV real-time monitoring.

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